Behind the Pivot: How I'm Transforming to Revolutionize Code Coverage and Test Generation

Justin | Apr 24, 2023

Why we’re Making a Shift

During the past few months, several generative AI tools have emerged in the software development and automated testing space. While many of these tools have little to offer beyond a simple UI wrapper around GPT-X, has established itself as a unique solution for maintaining code quality. However, we have come to the realization that our current approach does not fully address the challenges of maintaining a high-quality codebase.

As a result, we are shifting our focus to better support rapidly growing teams who need to balance shipping fast and quality. This new direction brings us closer to our original goal of making quality code more accessible and less time-consuming. As the current #1 ranked software testing extension on the VS Code Marketplace, we are confident that our pivot will make our proven technology an even more valuable asset for engineering teams.

Evolving the Vision: What’s Changing

We came to a realization that the true gap in achieving and maintaining a high degree of code coverage is actionable suggestions that developers can quickly implement to improve their code coverage position.

There are a lot of companies that provide code coverage analysis like CodeCov, Coveralls, and Code Climate. Those tools simply just identify gaps in code coverage, similar to how you can run a coverage report using your favorite testing framework.

For example, Jest Generates a Code Coverage report similar enough to all those tools: > jest –coverage –coverageDirectory=‘x’

It’s great to identify a problem, but without a potential solution, it’s not very helpful. aims to empower teams to maintain a high degree of code coverage while shipping fast. We will achieve this by taking advanced code coverage analytics and using those as gained insights about the current code coverage to generate tests that help fill the gaps.

A Look Ahead: What’s Next

So what’s next for

The answer is embedding the power of automated testing intelligence into GitHub’s PR user interface as a GitHub App. With a click of a button you can install the GitHub App into your repos, have it analyze your code coverage, and add comments to your PR with suggested test cases to improve your code coverage.

We’re on track to complete our intial MVP of this next week. In the coming months, we plan to continue to refine and improve the app’s functionality, adding new features and making it even easier to use. We’re also exploring new partnerships and collaborations, looking for ways to bring to even more developers and teams.

Our ultimate goal is to make it as easy as possible for developers to maintain high code coverage and ship quality software at speed. With the upcoming launch of our GitHub app and our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence, we’re confident that we can help teams achieve that goal and more.

Continued Support for our VS Code Extension

Although we are pivoting, we cannot just abandon the #1 VS Code Extension for Software Testing so easily. In the coming month, we will be adopting the backend to just point to OpenAI GPT-X models, instead of the current proprietary model combinations we have now, and allow users to enter their own OpenAI API Key. This will allow existing users to continue to use all the functionality of the current extension, just with slightly degraded test generations, additionally it will allow us to support providing the VS Code Extension for Free for all users.

If you are interested in finding out more about and our new product check out our new landing page!