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Justin Trugman is the VP of Software Development at Caregility, leading the engineering teams developing a revolutionary telehealth solution for over 1,000 hospitals around the globe. Justin is actively involved in the Hoboken and New York City startup community. He is on the Young Alumni Council of his alma mater, Stevens Institute of Technology, where he received his BS and Master of Engineering degrees. During his free time, Justin likes developing indie applications with Go and React.

Current Projects

VP Software Development - Caregility
May 2020 - present
I am currently Leading the Engineering teams at Caregility. My previous roles at Caregility…

  • Dec 2021 - Feb 2022 | Acting VP of Software Development
  • Jan 2021 - Dec 2021 | Technical Product Manager (Tech Lead & PM)
  • May 2020 - Jan 2021 | Video Communications Software Engineer
Founder & Lead Engineer - Software Testing AI
Nov 2022 - present
AI Powered Software Test Automation

  • Uses AI/ML to create unit tests for your code
  • Integrates with your GitHub Actions CI Pipelines
Founder & Lead Engineer - Codebase Plumber
Sept 2022 - present
  • Developer tools to make your team more productive
  • The quest for developer productivity is a long journey, our mission is to make it a bit easier
Founder & Lead Engineer - For The Record
Sept 2022 - present
If you are a developer, you know that every Pull Request has its own story to tell. Whether it’s a bug fix, a new feature, or just a code refactor, each PR has a unique history. And, just like any good story, each PR has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The beginning is when the code is first written and the middle is when the code is reviewed and approved. The end is when the code is merged into the main codebase. But, of course, the story doesn’t end there. The code will continue to live on, long after the PR is closed. It will be used by other developers, and it will continue to evolve over time. That is why it is so important for a Pull Request to be well documented and easy for a future developer to come back to. For The Record automagically summarizes your PRs so future you can easy get the gist of what happened when it was merged.
Founding Team Member - Secure Meeting
Sept 2017 - present
SecureMeeting is on a mission to rid the world of bad video-conferencing. Create rooms, invite people, and have conversations without leaving a trace.

Selected Media Features

GitHub Universe 2022
Conference Presentation GitHub Caregility
GitHub Universe 2022
Lift off - how empowered developers are the launch pad for secure software
Incorporating security in Enterprise DevOps workflows
Security GitHub Caregility
Incorporating security in Enterprise DevOps workflows
How Caregility prepared for third-party security audits with GitHub Advanced Security.
Navigating the Forest- Networks and WiFi and Continuous Video Monitoring! Oh my!
Conference Presentation Caregility
Navigating the Forest- Networks and WiFi and Continuous Video Monitoring! Oh my!
Epic App Orchard AO344- Caregility will cover the unique complexity of having a real-time, video-ready networks and how hospitals and developers can better prepare and analyze these rapidly growing and innovative technologies in challenging WiFi environments.
University Hackathon Tackles Reopening After Covid
Inc Hackathons Stevens
University Hackathon Tackles Reopening After Covid
How an 'Innovation University Hackathon' aspires to impact the economy- Banking on Stevens Institute of Technology's Venture Center.

Selected Awards

Rookie of the Year Award - Caregility
2020 Rookie of the Year Award for the Technology group at Caregility
Entrepreneurship Award - Stevens Venture Center
Proposed Psyonic, a fast lane for video on the internet (Now Blink CDN)
Outstanding Senior Design Project
This award is presented to graduating students for their exemplary research and dedication to their senior design projects.


Graduated in 2021
Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering
Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Accelerated Masters Program AMP
  • Software Design Skill
  • Concentration in Networks & Security
Graduate Certificate, Software Design for Embedded and Information Systems
Stevens Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science in Business & Technology
Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Hybrid Computer Science and Business degree from Stevens

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