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Hi, I'm Justin Trugman.

I am the Cofounder and Head of Technology at BetterFutureLabs - a Venture Studio focused on the intersection of Multi-Agent Systems and the workforce of the future.

Before cofounding BetterFutureLabs, I was an early engineer and the VP of Software Development at the telehealth startup Caregility, where I led the engineering teams. I also worked at Google[X]'s Project Loon and cofounded BlinkCDN, a video content delivery network startup. My work with BlinkCDN led me to cofound the non-profit SecureMeeting, which has facilitated over a million conversations with its real-time video communications network since its founding.

Currently, I am very active in the Multi-Agent Systems space, with notable contributions to Microsoft AI Frontiers' open source Autogen Multi-Agent framework.

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